We are lawyers who help businesses and people solve their disputes.  


Yet, we are diverse in our practice areas, our interests, and our passions. Rob, for example, spent the three years in Charleston, South Carolina as General Counsel for Kiawah Partners, where he handled a wide range of legal and business matters, including litigation, contracts, real estate and corporate matters. Andy and Melissa have developed an expertise in fiduciary matters, including will contests, trustee challenges and estate accountings. They enjoy working with families as wealth and family heirlooms are passed down to the next generation. Andrea brings broad experience in banking, commercial and fiduciary disputes,  Ed is an insurance lawyer extraordinaire. Together we handle a wide range of issues for clients, big and small.  


We are friends. Not only have we all worked together for years, Rob and Andy have known each other since they were kids living down the street from one another. They were the President and Vice-President of their junior class in high school (see below). Melissa and Andrea were law school classmates.


Put this all together and we believe we offer a unique set of legal and personal skills.


Our primary focus is solving disputes, for business and individuals. That work preferably begins well before the parties end up in court. Most disputes are resolved by agreement, sometimes with the help of a trained mediator. But if court is necessary, we have the experience from over a thousand collective cases to get the job dine.  At the end of the day we are trial lawyers.




Integrity is the firm adherence to a code of ethical and moral values. Integrity is what earns you respect from your peers and the courts.  It is the essence of success.  Mauck & Brooke PLC takes pride in its integrity in all aspects of its practice.




The attorneys at Mauck & Brooke PLC have a combined 100+ years of legal experience.  We each worked for at least one top-tier international law firm. While there, we worked with some of the best lawyers in Virginia. Experience makes the difference between a good and a great result.


Client Service.


We put our clients first.  Our first question is "what result do you want us to achieve?"  We are focused on your goals and committed to solving your issue quickly, efficiently and for a reasonable cost.  We keep our overhead low so that you aren't paying for costs and expenses that you can't see and don't need.

Integrity.  Experience.  Client Service.